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MILITARY CRIMINAL ACT applies to any military persons from the moment when he/she enrolls for the army training camp for recruits. The same is ture for military personnel. Especially in criminal cases, the military police, the military prosecutor, and the military judge have jurisdiction over the investigation and the trial. Although the process of investigation and trial of military personnel are somewhat similar to those of civilians, military prosecutors and judges have subtly different and unique perspectives when dealing the cases, which is why a more appropriate strategy of defense is crucial with military cases Any member of the armed forces who is dissatisfied with an unfavorable disposition made against his/her will can file a petition for examination, the process called Petitions on Military Personnel Management. If he/she finds the result of this petition unsatisfied, he/she could file administrative litigation as well. The methods and procedures for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration to purchase weapon systems, etc. are basically made in accordance with the standards and procedures set forth in the Defense Acquisition Program Act and the Defense Program Management Regulations (Ordinance of the Ministry of Defense). There are many parts to these defense contracts that are subject to a unique system that is different from contracts under the general civil and commercial laws. Those who are injured or lost their lives while performing public or military service are to be given certain courtesy in accordance with the Act on Courtesy and Support for Persons of National Merit, etc. However, there are many people who do not receive benefits because they do not know how to apply and how to prove them despite being eligible for veterans benefits under the above law. Lawyer Woong-Joong YOON after graduating from Seoul National University Law School,had been serving for over 20 years, as a Judge advocate of Republic of Korea Army during which he also had served as the Chief of Public Prosecutor’s Office of Republic of Korea Army Headquarters, the Chief Judge of the Military Court, the Chief Prosecutor of Ministry of National Defense, the Senior Judge of the High Military Court, and the Chief Judge of the High Military Court, dealing in countless military investigations, military criminal cases, and military disciplinary cases. In addition, he has served as the head of the legal support team at the Defense Acquisition Program Administration and the head of the legal department of Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd., so he has abundant experience and knowledge in the field of defense contracts. After graduating from Seoul National University Law School, Attorney Park Kyung-soo is a military judge/prosecutor, head of the Navy's legal department, chief of the Navy's High Prosecutors' Office, chief of the Navy Military Court, chief of the Justice Office of the Ministry of National Defense Procurement Headquarters, a legal officer of the Ministry of National Defense (Director-level), Veterans Affairs Commission of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs (Chief-level), etc. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in related fields through senior positions in defense administration and veterans. After passing the 8th Bar Exam, Kim Beom entered the military as a military judge and handled various civil/criminal/administrative cases such as a disciplinary officer of the 23rd Division of the Army, a military prosecutor, and an officer in the Office of the Ministry of Justice of the Ministry of National Defense. He will provide professional legal services in the military sector through his experience in defense litigation and his duties as a military prosecutor. From the investigation stage of the military investigation agency to the criminal trial, we will do our best to protect human rights so that our clients do not suffer injustice. We will help you solve this problem with legal knowledge and practical experience. We will do our best to protect the interests of our clients as much as possible from unfair matters in defense administration and contracts and lawsuits against the Ministry of National Defense and Defense Acquisition Program Administration. We will do our best to help the client so that there is no disadvantage due to insufficient evidence and proof during the veterans examination.

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