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Internationally famous artists include murderers like Caravaggio, compulsive gamblers like Guido Reni and pedophiles like Paul Gauguin. It is easy to criticize their unethical behaviors. However, arts that we like at present are disturbing arts in a way. People do not like gentle and peaceful arts anymore. Artists have been developing subjects and themes that attract the public for a long time.

Masters of arts have created many works on incidents that were controversial at that time, and we glimpse evidences of interesting crimes through their remaining works. On the other hand, contemporary artists moderately violate current laws to gain fame from unpredictable and fussy public. There is a room for disputes on the freedom of artistic expressions allowed to artists while telling interesting stories on those art works and crimes, artists and crimes.

A.L.S. Group is a specialist group who can specifically present solutions to disputes by systematically analyzing legal issues on arts while engage in many cases related with art laws so far. The group has the ability to engage in international cases including returning of arts taken out from the country by carrying out many cases from domestic markets as well as international transactions or shippings.

Responsible Member

    • Youngcheol KIM
    • Managing Partners
    • Hong Chan Cho
    • Attorney