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The law firm is a mid-sized Korean law firm with 40 lawyers (four representative lawyers) and
ranks 20th in the list of Korean law firms.

Under the motto of “to make the world peaceful”, Jeongse was founded in 2001 by top legal professionals with experience in various fields such as courts, media groups, corporates, etc. in order to provide superior legal service that our society calls for. Over the last 2 decades, Jeongse has grown continuously and now finds itself in the top 30 list of Law firms in Korea. By establishing humane friendliness and unity with the clients, Jeongse brings its best effort on the square and maintains its reputation as one of the most honest and faithful law firms amongst not only legal fields, but also society in general. While continuing its traditionally strong field of expertise in Media-related legal affairs, Jeongse also has been recruiting professionals with specialized experience from various fields including courts, prosecution offices, military court, and accounting firms. As a result, Jeongse has become distinguished in litigation field, not to mention its now well-renowned legal service in the fields of corporate, M&A, project financing, intellectual property, labor, arbitration, finance, real estate & construction, energy, family law, international trade, Korea-China legal relations and so on. In terms of providing legal service, the professionals in Jeongse not only come up with solutions based upon traditional legal fields, but also are not hesitant to be pioneers seeking uncharted frontiers of new fields. By entering the political/social world and performing their social responsibilities, the members of Jeongse are also contributing to the public welfare, the establishment of Rule of Law, and the development of society. Jeongse promises to continue providing its individual clients, corporates, government agencies, and all the other clients whose belief in Jeongse’s work and ability has been never changed, with efficient, prompt, and precise legal service. Thank You.