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Labor to humans is not just to simply gain wages but to realize own personality through labor. Corporations contribute to the development of society by producing goods by combining capital and labor. In capitalist society, stable development of corporations through rational establishment of labor and management relationship is the driving force behind overall better of the society as well as guaranteeing the quality of lives for laborers. Labor Law which was a law to protect laborers for providing labor under subordinate relationship has changed to a law that rationally regulating labor and management relationship and providing adequate protections according to individual types of labor provided at present because of progresses in globalization and diversity in the types of labors provided.

L&E Team is trying to contribute in the development of the community by rationally solving various legal issues from individual, class labor and management relationships and to maintain, develop the relationship without favoring one side over the other to suit today’s conditions where the characters of labor laws are changing rapidly.

Performance Project 

• Legal counseling on labor unions including collective bargaining and strikes
• Legal counseling on collective labor and management relationship laws
• Counseling and preparation of collective agreements
• Counseling on dispute settlements between labor and managements
• Counseling on disciplinary actions including dismissals
• Counseling on personnel managements including employment regulations, personnel policies for companies
• Counseling on industrial accidents and processing of relevant civil, criminal litigations
• Counseling to regional labor relations committee and central labor relations committee
• Counseling and litigation on wages and severance pays

Responsible Member

    • Dai-Hwa JUNG
    • Managing Partners
    • So Jung PARK
    • Attorney