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Media·Intellectual Property

Media laws in traditional sense has been recognized as laws regulating issues on the conflicts of rights on personal fames or privacy and rights to report by the press, however the law has been extended to areas of autonomy of foundation and operation of broadcasting communication companies as well as regulating issues on the conflicts of media regulations by the state.

industry, and has established a specialized service structure to provide legal service on issues including licenses, permits for broadcasting communication businesses, aiding media companies from governments regulations, merges and acquisitions between media companies.

We are providing expert legal service in legal disputes in entertainment fields including dramas, music, internet, game and new media, and we are expanding our legal service to entertainers and sports managements.

Main Service 

• Legal counseling on defamations by broadcasting, newspapers, magazines
• Legal counseling on broadcasting·media relations laws
• Counseling on permits·licenses for broadcasting communication businesses
• Counseling on film investment·production contracts and related litigations
• Counseling on international film distributions and contracts for international joint productions
• Counseling on contracts for music publications and recordings and related litigations
• Litigation on illegal copying and distribution of films and sound sources
• Legal counseling on contracts for entertainment managements and agency and related litigations
• Counseling on contracts for actors, singers and related litigations
• Legal counseling on games including plagiarizing of game software and related litigations

Responsible Member

    • Kwang Yop JIN
    • Attorney
    • Dongsoo, Han
    • Attorney
    • Hong Chan Cho
    • Attorney
    • Hyoung-Soon, Jang
    • Attorney