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Law Firm JeongSe is formed with many expert legal practitioners with hands-on experience gained from courts and district attorney’s offices and as lawyers, and our lawyers are achieving remarkable achievements through dynamic and close cooperation between our lawyers by effectively settling various legal disputes between individuals and companies, and legal issues related with running a business based on expertise gained from many years of practices. Law Firm JeongSe is providing customer-oriented legal service in civil, criminal litigations, administrative litigations, family litigation, tax litigation, constitutional litigation based on many experience in wining litigations by providing best defenses through actively communicating with clients, customers along with systematic preparations among experts including lawyers specialized in each field providing accurate and superior legal interpretations and applications, foreign legal practitioners and accountants. . 

Main Service

• Litigation and preservative measures, mandatory execution

• Medical litigation Litigation and preservative measures, mandatory execution

• Medical litigation

• Administrative rulings, litigation

• Land expropriation cases, charges and fines

• Attend in investigation and provide counsel during investigations

• Request to examine validity of a warrant, legality of an arrest

• Interview confined suspects, request to examine validity of a warrant and request of bails

• Defending in criminal courts

• Criminal prosecution charges and legal advice

• Divorce, division of properties, request for alimony

• Appointment of a person with parental rights

• Various wills, inheritances, legal reserves

Responsible Member

    • Jin-won HONG
    • Managing Partners
    • Young-Woo LEE
    • Attorney
    • Jae Cheon Sim
    • Attorney
    • Dongsoo, Han
    • Attorney
    • Sang In LEE
    • Attorney
    • Jin Won Tae
    • Attorney
    • So Jung PARK
    • Attorney
    • Min Sun SONG
    • Attorney
    • Jaeyoung Choi
    • Attorney
    • Choi Yong-ho
    • Attorney
    • Hyoung-Soon, Jang
    • Attorney
    • Yu Seung Chan
    • Attorney