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Graduated from Dongin High School in Busan on February 2, 1985 1992 2. Graduated from Seoul National University's Department of Agriculture (Civil Engineering) August 2018. Graduated from Konkuk University's Graduate School of Real Estate Investment in Real Estate Finance


Joined Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. on January 1, 1992 (Leaving on February 2, 1994) Work at domestic civil engineering departments and Incheon subway construction sites (so-called PM, process management, quality management, cost management, etc.) across the country at the headquarters domestic civil engineering departments) December 2000, passed the 42nd bar exam January 2003 Completion of the Judicial Research and Training Institute (32nd) Registered as a lawyer on February 2003, a lawyer belonging to Daeyu, a law firm Registration of patent attorney on June 2003 Registration as a tax accountant on December 2017 April 2003 to July 2009 had worked at the Youngjin Law Firm (member lawyer) July 2009 to April 2019, Jeongse Law firm (member lawyer) From May 2019 to April 2020, Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. Head of the Real Estate Strategy Finance Office (executive director) July 2020 to March 2021 had worked at the First Law Firm (Lawyer) March 2021 ~ Current Jeongse Law firm (member lawyer) January 2004, Yonsei University Graduate School of Business completed the Construction Management Course (ACMP) (8th) July 2004. Completed the Construction Industry Supreme Strategy Course (ACPMP) co-hosted by Seoul National University College of Engineering and the Construction Industry Research Institute (first term) ACMP 1st general affairs in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, ACMP General Association 2010, 2011 audit, 2015 director, 2019 and 2020 director 2005. Attorneys for the Construction Industry Advancement Planning Team of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation March 2008, Seoul National University School of Law completed the first IB course (Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act course) and served as the first secretary general of the IB September 2008, Seoul National University completed the 26th "M&A Theory and Practice" course in the specialized field of law, and served as the 26th Secretary General of M&A August 2009. UC DAVIS (University of California Davis) SCHOOL of LAW, Visting Scholar (Study of Environmental Law, Energy and Resource Law, Research on Legal Issues Related to Green Growth) 2010. 6. UC BERKELEY(University of California Berkeley) SCHOOL of LAW, Energy Regulation, Cleantech & Environment 2010 February 2012, Hanyang University Global Management Institute completed the 5th highest-ranking course in the energy industry (the 5th Secretary-General of the Wonwoo Association) Completed the 3rd tax strategy course at the Graduate School of Taxation and the Graduate School of Law at Seoul National University on June 2013 February 2015. 2. Completed the 8th SB-CEO course of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business August 2018. Graduated from Konkuk University's Graduate School of Real Estate Finance and Investment (the 24th Wonwoo President, President Award) March 2019, while attending a Ph.D. program (Real Estate Finance Investment Major) at Konkuk University's Graduate School of General Studies corporation lawyer of the Electric Construction Mutual Aid Association from September 2010 to February 2017 Professional director of the Electric Construction Mutual Aid Association from February 2011 to February 2017 (external director) Director of the Real Estate Finance Research Institute (REFI) affiliated with the law firm Jeong Se-jeong from October 2010 to April 2019 January 2013 ~ Attorneys for a number of real estate development companies, including Glosta Co., Ltd., Glosta Holdings Co., Ltd., and Seongyeop Development Co., Ltd., and asset management companies June 2014 ~ Arbitrator of the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board March 2015 ~ Director of the Korean Arbitrators Association May 2015 ~ Member of the Safety Advisory Committee on Children's Play Facilities of the Ministry of Public Safety and Security January 2017 ~ Advisory member of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Commercial Lease Counseling Center February 2019 ~ Chairman of the Cultural Promotion Committee of the Korea Real Estate Finance Investment Forum December 2020 ~ Chairman of the Korea Property Trust Association

Major publications

A Study on the Transfer of Real Estate Trust Beneficial Interests (Master Degree)

Professional Activities

1. Litigation for revocation of the designation of the project operator of the private-sector project "Gyeongin Canal Project" (administrative litigation) The representative of the Republic of Korea 1. A litigation representative of the Republic of Korea for a claim for payment upon termination of the above Gyeongin Canal Project 1. Litigation for payment of construction price of H Construction Co., Ltd. and lawsuit for compensation for delay of construction 1. ○ ○ Litigation for the performance of the guarantee contract against the mutual aid association 1. Various legal advice related to the implementation of the H real estate development project (including project financing work) 1. A lawsuit for the payment of defect compensation by YE Co., Ltd., a lawsuit for damages due to infringement such as the right to sunlight, and a lawsuit for damages related to the reduction of the veranda, etc 1. Legal advice on private capital facility (SOC) business and sale of highway rest area (Yeongcheon rest area) of Y Co., Ltd 1. A lawsuit against the bankrupt D Construction Co., Ltd. for claiming a defect deposit in Namsan Apartment 1. A lawsuit between D Construction Industry Co., Ltd. and D Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. to claim settlement money related to the Gyeongchun Line double-track subway construction 1. Subcontract claims and additional construction claims related to tunnel excavation work against H Public Corporation Co., Ltd 1. ○ ○ Group Co., Ltd.'s lawsuit for gas station construction cost and defect repair claim 1. Litigation for unfair profits of YC Co., Ltd., lawsuit for construction price against construction contractor by the owner, lawsuit for requesting contract money, etc 1. Various legal advice on development and implementation related to apartment development (including legal advice on various institutional regulations enacted and revised ceiling on sale price, and tax law issues) 1. All administrative disputes and criminal proceedings arising in the entire process of real estate development, construction work, and plant work 1. Legal advice on financing a project to build a new real estate apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 1. 'Group litigation' related to 'the ceiling on the sale price' (Article 38-2 of the Housing Act) (the appropriateness of the calculation of housing costs, construction costs, etc.) 1. Claim for settlement (construction price, etc.) of H Construction Co., Ltd., a rehabilitation company 1. Legal advice on land sales contracts for the construction of new apartments in Dorim District, Incheon, and the right to implement joint projects (G Co., Ltd 1. A lawsuit for requesting the cost of design services from the design company and the general architect's office 1. Claim for construction cost related to plant facility construction (○ ○ Co., Ltd. vs. ○ ○ Co., Ltd.) 1. Consultation on legal issues (including PF structures) related to the construction of a new medical facility (Natural Healing Center) in Sinjeong-dong, Seoul, litigation for construction costs related to the construction site, criminal prosecution, and transfer of water 1. Legal advice (including appropriateness of project financing and sale) and criminal defense related to the construction of the "CENTER 1" building in Eulji-ro 2-5, Seoul, and violation of the Tax Offender Punishment Act (tax evasion, tax invoice issuance obligation, etc.) (final suspension of indictment) 1. Legal advice, civil litigation, and criminal defense work on issues related to ○ ○ Group M&A of G, GH Co., Ltd 1. Legal advice and criminal matters related to the extension of real estate PF between the contractor (L Construction Co., Ltd.) and the implementer (the crime of unjust enrichment, embezzlement, etc.), and civil litigation 1. A lawsuit for claiming damages for L Construction Co., Ltd., a rehabilitation company (a lawsuit for compensation for defects in apartment houses), an objection to a final judgment on the investigation of creditors 1. A lawsuit, such as a request for the return of the sale price of B Construction Co., Ltd. by the transferee, etc 1. Various conservation lawsuits related to construction, such as T construction suspension provisional disposition and H construction prohibition provisional disposition, etc 1. Various disputes related to environmental rights violations such as noise and dust, such as D construction, GH development, and J development 1. Legal advice for prospective acquisitions (G, GE, Co., Ltd.) regarding the rehabilitation procedure M&A for the rehabilitation company Pi City Co., Ltd. and Pi Land Co., Ltd. for the development of Yangjae Pi City Complex 1. Litigation to confirm invalidity of the selection of preferred bidder related to rehabilitation procedure M&A, etc 1. Legal advice for M&A of rehabilitation procedures for S Construction, a rehabilitation company 1. Legal advice on the construction of UAE nuclear power plants by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd 1. Legal advice for the acquisition of golf courses by public institutions and the acquisition of savings banks 1. Company D's counterparty ○○ Claim for liquidation of the Jugong Apartment Reconstruction Association 1. S Construction Co., Ltd.'s lawsuit for loan claims against the ○○ Market Redevelopment and Maintenance Business Association 1. Consultation on legal disputes related to defects in multi-family housing between Xii occupants, tenant representative meetings, and construction companies 1. Legal advice and criminal prosecution representatives related to the Seongsu-dong Reconstruction Association 1. Litigation and legal advice related to Taean apartment development project (including legal advice on the development trust method) 1. Criminal defense of Company D's violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (not guilty) 1. Overall legal advice on real estate development projects 1. Legal advice on real estate project financing (PF), asset liquidity, collective investment organizations (REF, etc.), PFV, REITs, structured finance, and real estate trusts 1. Legal advice on real estate redevelopment, reconstruction projects, urban maintenance projects, and urban regeneration projects 1. Legal advice on real estate (including housing lease and commercial lease) such as buildings and land 1. Consultation on construction and plant-related systems and legal policies 1. SOCPF, legal advice on private capital projects (legal advice on the construction of a new Changdong private capital station project, Uijeongbu Light Rail, and many others) 1. Legal advice on tax issues in real estate development projects 1. Legal advice on real estate and construction criminal law and tax criminal law 1. Legal advice on M&A of construction companies and M&A of general companies 1. Legal advice and M&A consulting related to golf course M&A 1. Consultation on legal issues of various small and medium-sized enterprises 1. Conducting various legal advice and litigation related to industrial (including construction) safety 1. Legal advice and litigation in various damages claims 1. Legal advice on various unions (construction deduction association, professional construction deduction association, electric construction deduction association, and other associations) 1. Legal advice on environmental disputes and environmental issues 1. Legal advice and M&A consulting work related to hostile and friendly M&A 1. All legal advice regarding the management rights dispute of KOSDAQ-listed companies 1. Financial-related legal advice

1. Dozens of real assets (logistics, offices, retail, hotels, or multiple complex facilities) purchased at home and abroad 1. Various real estate projects Financing (multi-family housing, officetel, residential complex, parking facilities, station area youth housing, welfare housing for the elderly, urban living housing, knowledge industry center, general industrial complex, logistics center, hotel & resort, golf course, memorial park facility, urban development project, landfill project, various maintenance and housing association projects) 1. Direct IB sales of securities companies such as various SOC infrastructure finance (solar power generation business, offshore wind power generation business, fuel cell business, etc.)