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Completed the Supreme Intellectual Property Management Program (CIPO) at Seoul National University Law School Completed the Continental School of the Humanities Learning Center of the Anglican University Columbia Law School(Reserch Fellow) Graduated from Seoul National University's Department of Public Law and Graduate School's Master of Public Law Daejeon Daeshin High School Graduated


Passed the 34th bar exam, completed the 24th bar training institute (1995) Military Justice (1995-1998) Judge of the Jeonju District Court, Judge of Seosan Branch of the Daejeon District Court, Judge of the Daejeon District Judge of Daejeon District Court a patent judge Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Intellectual Property Rights) Hongseong Branch Director of the Daejeon District Court Chief Judge of the Incheon District Court Chief Judge of the Suwon District Court Law Firm Yulchon Lawyer (2014-2019) Chairman of the Election Commission (Hongseong, Taean-gun) Member of the Legal Interpretation and Deliberation Committee of the Ministry of Government Legislation Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Labor Relations Commission member Arbitrator of the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board an adjunct professor at KAIST's Graduate School of Intellectual Property External Adviser of the Patent Tribunal Inspector General of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office (2019-2022) Situation of Law Firms (December 2012-present) Representative of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Human Rights

Major publications

Notes Civil Code (Bond Rules (1), Korean Judicial Administration Association) Intellectual Property Litigation Practice (Patent Court) Explanation of patent law, trademark law, explanation of job invention system, patent case study (Park Young-sa) How to succeed in investing in North Korea (Maeil Economic Daily), etc Basic Perspectives on the Proceedings of Criminal Trials and Several Issues in Real Literature Video Whether the right to terminate the contract occurs due to a change in circumstances Requirements for uniformity of task resolution in equal infringement Interpretation of Article 7 (1) 7 of the Trademark Act Method for determining the inventive step of the invention Method of determining the contents of the invention when the claims of a patent are stated in a functional expression Requirements for establishment of indirect infringement Requirements for clarity of claims in an invention for use in medicine Method of determining whether a design is similar if there is a shape part necessary to secure the function of the product when determining the requirements for design registration Many requirements for recognizing the registration and use of domain names as the use of trademarks, which is a method of infringement of trademark rights, etc

Awards and Recognitions

Silver, IP Litigation, IAM PATENT 1000 Leading Lawers-지식재산권, 리걸타임즈(2018, 2019) 한동수 전 대검 감찰부장, 법무법인 정세 합류 https://www.lawtimes.co.kr/Legal-News/Legal-News-View?serial=183767 [변리사 '전성시대'] 특허서비스 시장 1조 '팽창'…로펌, 5년간 변리사 30% 늘려 https://www.hankyung.com/society/article/2014031673151 [비즈 법조인] '역전의 명수' 율촌 한동수 변호사..."현장에 답이 있다" https://n.news.naver.com/article/366/0000368185?sid=100 [화제의 법조인]'지적재산권' 전문 한동수 변호사 "현장 목소리에 해법 있다" https://n.news.naver.com/article/014/0003986635?sid=102 [판결] 동양매직, 초소형 정수기 디자인 특허소송 승소 https://www.lawtimes.co.kr/Legal-News/Legal-News-View?serial=90518 [승소열전] 법무법인 율촌 “특허침해여부 판단 할 때 기재된 문구 확장해석 안 된다” https://m.lawtimes.co.kr/Content/Article?serial=149568 판례평석 투여용법, 투여용량에 관한 의약용도발명의 진보성 판단 https://m.lawtimes.co.kr/Content/Article?serial=141953