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Mr. Sang-in Lee, with extensive experience in corporate legal practices including finance, investment, project financing, funds, credit finance, construction, and anti-trust law matters, provides excellent legal advice on corporate legal issues. He has also achieved successful results in all the areas of litigation including construction, real estate, administrative, and family disputes.


1985 Daejeon Daesung High School 1989 BA in Economics, Seoul National University 2000 Completed the 9th term of Fair Trading Act Course, Law School, SNU 2007 Completed a leadership course in construction development (CADO 4th term), Seoul National University of Technology


1992 Dongbu Industry 1996 Passed the 38th Bar Examination 1998 Completed the 28th term of Judicial Research and Training Institute 1999 Partner of Law Firm KCL (former Samjung) 2000 - 2001 In-house lawyer for Shinhan Bank 2001 - 2004 Partner of Law Firm Jian (former Seohyun Law Office) 2005 - 2007 Senior Partner of Law Firm Suram 2006 - 2008 A member of review committee for taxation propriety and objection, Keumcheon Taxation Office 2008 - 2009 Partner of Law Firm Seorin (Current Apex) 2010 - 2011 Language course in the US 2011 - 2012 04 In-house lawyer for Woori Bank Shinhan Bank Shinhan Life Insurance Shinhan BNPP Asset Management SC Bank Kyungnam Bank HMC Investment Security Dongbu Savings Heungkook Life Insurance Heungkook Security

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Corporate and Finance, Construction and Real Estate, Litigation