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2010 Completed Arts Culture Leadership Course from Seoul National University 2003 Completed a course from Journalism School, Seokang University 2001 Completed International Trading Course from Columbia University, US 2000 Completed Information Communication Course from Korea University 1996 Law School, Kyunghee University (Doctorate) 1993 Completed International Negotiation Course, Harvard university, US 1990 Law School (LL.M.), S.M.U., US 1982 BA in Law, Seoul National University 1977 Mapo High School


1982 Passed the 24th Bar Examination 1984 Completed Judicial Research and Training Institute (14th) 1985 Public Prosecutor at Chungju District Prosecutor’s Office 1987 Public Prosecutor at Gwangju District Prosecutor’s Office 1988 Public Prosecutor at Northern Branch of Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office 1991 District Prosecutor’s Office at International Director General’s Office, the Ministry of Justice 1994 Public Prosecutor at Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office 1996 Deputy Superintendent Public Prosecutor at Busan District Prosecutor’s Office 1997 Prosecution Researcher at Supreme Prosecutor’s Office 1998 Head of Wonju Office, Chuncheon District Prosecutor’s Office 1999 Public Prosecutor at Seoul Prosecutor’s Office 2000 Professor at Judicial Research and Training Institute (International criminal law study, international human rights law study, theory on international organizations) 2002 Chief of Judicial Affairs at the Ministry of Justice, Deputy Director General of Legal Counsel 2003 Superintendent Public Prosecutor for Criminal Division 6, Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office 2004 Assistant Prosecutor, Bucheon Branch, Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office 2005 Head of Cheonan Branch, Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office 2006 Assistant Prosecutor, Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office 2007 Private practice (Seoulhoe) 2008 Senior Partner of Law Firm Jungjin 2010 Senior Partner of Law Firm JeongSe Affiliate Professor, Law School, Ewha Woman’s University Affiliate Professor, Arts School, Seoul National University Auditor of National Museum of Contemporary Arts Foundation Legal consultant for KBS A member of Management Committee for KICCE Legal consultant for Komax Legal consultant for Imgwang Engineering Legal consultant for HM T-mega Line Legal consultant for Herald Legal consultant for Hipogentres Legal consultant for Technology and Value Legal consultant for Dongyang Construction

Major publications

1992 Plans to protect victims of crimes 1994 Legal studies on regulating international organized crimes (Doctorate) 1995 Issues on opening of legal services after the Uruguay Round Negotiations 1996 Stud on legal actions on international organized crimes International trading and WTO Laws