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Media·Intellectual Property

The modern concept of the intellectual property right is formed based on tangible intellectual property rights but a new concept of the property right is becoming prominent at present based on the new realization on intangible property rights. The changes in these thoughts are reflected in legal field as well and the intellectual property right formed a new independent legal field, however the reality is that there are not many experts who can provide professional service based on systematic knowledge and experience in this new legal field.

I.P. Group has recognized the importance of the intellectual property right and invested time and effort for several years and as a result has been successfully providing legal counsels and solving disputes in the field of intellectual property right. Law Firm JeongSe is providing the highest level of service in intellectual rights including application and registration of patents, trademarks, design and intellectual property as well as licensing, rulings and litigation, and we provide comprehensive one-stop service in various intellectual property right cases by partnering with patent law firms.

Performance Project 

• Application·registration of industrial copyrights including patent·utility model·trademarks·design
• Litigation on registration and effects of industrial copyrights and infringements of rights
• Counseling on copyrights, computer program copyrights
• Counseling on contracts for intellectual property right and licensing
• Counseling on trade secret piracy, unfair competitions
• Counseling and litigation on commercializing figures, portrait rights, publicity rights
• Counseling and litigation on names·trademarks·service marks·domain names

Responsible Member

    • Jung-Min CHOI
    • Attorney
    • Myoung-Jae LEE
    • Attorney
    • Jae Cheon Sim
    • Attorney
    • Hyun-Hwan CHA
    • Attorney
    • Dongsoo, Han
    • Attorney