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Dong-In High School Seoul National University, School of Law (LL.B.)


The 45th National Judicial Test The 35th Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Korea The 7th Construction Dispute Resolution Course, Korea Commercial Arbitration Board (2009. 5.) Yoon & Yang LLC (2006. 2. - 2014. 8.) JeongSe Law Firm (2014. 8. - Current)

Major publications

Professional Activities

1. General corporate and controlling shareholder dispute - Analyzed legal risks relating to various transactions, processes and drafted diverse contracts and legal memoranda - Advised major conglomerates, their subsidiaries and affiliates and medium-sized companies on their business management - Acted as a counsel in a number of lawsuits and controlling shareholder defenses for incorporated companies, i.e., shareholders’ meetings, new share issuance, etc. - Advised on medium-sized company P, listed company F, etc. on hostile M&A transactions 2. Construction and real estate - Advised the apartment P, the shopping mall N, the residential/industrial complex M, the industrial complex Y, etc. on various real estate development project disputes - Advised various public companies, such as, S (public corporation), C (development public corporation), J (development public corporation) on real estate development project disputes - Advised a number of construction companies, such as T, H, W and S, on their development, subscription, trust, subcontracting, payment, defect disputes - Advised on re-development, re-construction, metropolitan area development, etc. - Represented K Real Estate Trust and argued that they did not commit massive fraud in their apartment complex development - Provided the legal advice to the large-scale real estate development business in Seoul in connection with D Securities - Gave the legal advice to golf club business development and operation prerogative, security collateral, indemnification, etc. - Involved in dispute resolution on real estate operation and distribution between the distributor S and the real estate developer P - Offered the legal advice to the large-sized waste water disposal facility operation by S Engineering 3. Finance and insurance - Gave legal advice to and resolved various disputes on behalf of S Bank, K Bank, S Insurer, D Securities, H Capital, etc. - Handled disputes involving the legal interpretations concerning Capital Market and Financial Investment Services Act, investment recommendation principles, etc. - Represented D Securities in its dispute with H Company on the large-scale real estate development project financing - Advised H Capital on the installment financing, i.e., high price imported automobile lease contract 4. Antitrust, transportation, distribution, information protection, product liability, and labor - Gave legal advice on illegal antitrust act (the manufacturer O), unfair group act (H Company) - Involved in the dispute resolution on the unfair customer inducement between the electronic payment company F and the local VAN company - Advised the special vehicle seller, M, on its dealer contract dispute - Resolved the dispute on the overseas transportation between the medium-sized energy company S and the distributor D - Advised the large business facilities, such as the shopping mall N, the shopping mall M, the department store N, etc. regarding the construction, subscription, business operation, lease disputes - Gave legal advice on policy establishment and implementation and the amendment of the laws and regulations regarding the price information disclosure and publication of oil companies and gas stations - Represented C Company in its large IT management system development dispute with D Company - Advised H Company on its massive product liability dispute - Handled numerous labor-related cases, i.e., firings (L Company, S Public Corporation) 5. Criminal - Successfully defended H Pharmaceutical, etc. against the criminal charge of unfair practice of market price manipulation - Highly experienced in diverse criminal cases, including but not limited to, fraud, embezzlement, malpractice, etc."