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1999. MBA, Business School, UCLA, US 1996. Doctorate in Laws (J.D), IIT Law School, US 1985. BA in Business Management, Seoul National University


Senior partner of Law Firm Park&Kim, California, US Specialized in Intellectual property rights, corporate laws, contracts Trade specialist, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Negotiated intellectual property rights between Korea and the US, negotiated screen quarters between Korea and the US Kor-Am Investment Agreements, Korean representative for beef conflicts in WTO (1998-1999) US attorney in charge of international laws for the Korean Film Commission (1999-2000) (Former) Legal counselor for SBS (Former) A member of Policy Planning Committee for the Information Communication Committee, Coalition of Citizen's Economic Justice (Former) A member of Commission on Transnational Corporations, Coalition of Citizen's Economic Justice (Former) Head professor at Korea Culture & Content Academy (Former) An advisory panel for agricultural trading, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Former) A member of planning committee for New Round, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Former) A member of the Public and Private Joint Forum responding to New Round under Economic Ministerial Meeting (Former) A member of DDA Negotiation Advisory Council for the Special Commission on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Policies directly responsible to the President e-law columns by Hyung-Jin Kim, Hankook Daily (2000. 7.-2001. 6.) Lectured at Law School of Korea University, Law School of Kyunghee University, Choongang University (1999-2001) Associate professor at International Law Graduate School of Business Administration (2001-2009) Vice-chairman of International Youth Film Festival (2005-2012) Auditor of Korea Manhwa Contents Agency (2005-2013) Director of the Alumnus for School of Commerce, Seoul National University (2006-) Life-time member of the International Society of Management (2005-) Member of the Korean Society for Western History (2007-) Commendation for service by the Minister of Culture and Arts (2002) Currently US Attorney for Law Firm JeongSe Member of Audience Committee for SBS Affiliate professor of KAIST Director of the Korean Society for Intellectual Property Legal counseling National Museum of Contemporary Art KBS Media Baek Nam Jun Cultural Foundation Choongmoo Art Hall

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