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Yoonsu Lee was graduated from Korea University, College of Law(B.L.) and School of Law(J.D.). Mr. Lee worked at Seoul Immigration Office, Busan High Prosecutors’ Office, Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office and Suwon High Prosecutors’ Office as a Public Service Advocate for 3 years and joined JungSe Law in 2019.


2007 Goyang Foreign Language High School 2007 ~ 2012 Korea University, College of Law, B.L. 2013 ~ 2016 Korea University, School of Law, J.D.


2016 5th Bar Exam, Korea 2016 Public Service Advocate, Seoul Immigration Office, Ministry of Justice 2017 Public Service Advocate, Busan High Prosecutors’ Office 2018 Public service Advocate, Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office 2019 Public Service Advocate, Suwon High Prosecutors’ Office 2019 JungSe Law

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