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Ewha Womans University Graduate School Master Course - the Chinese language Konkuk University Graduate School Of Public Administration Professional Course Completion - residential environment improvement project Kwangwoon University Graduate School of Construction Legal Affairs Master Ewha Womans University - Graduated 1st place Changmun Girls' High School Graduated


Current - Counselor Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission Current - A mediator, Seoul High Court Completed the 36th term of the Judicial Research and Training Institute Passed the 45th Bar Examination

Major publications

Professional Activities

Legal counselor for Ace Engineering & Construction Legal counselor for C&R KOREA Legal counselor for Korea National Housing Corporation Legal counselor for DADAM Architects Group Legal counselor for Pheonix Engineering & Construction Legal counselor for dazim Engineering & Construction Legal counselor for KBI Construction Co., Ltd In addition, a number of construction-related Litigation